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HICOTEC ® A vision today. Reality tomorrow.

Highly consistent longitudinal and traverse basis weight, controllable orientation of the fibres to create anisotropic or isotropic materials that have minimum basis weights at the same time: the numerous outstanding properties HICOTEC ® products have make them suitable for a wide range of technical applications in many different industries. The crucial question is: does the new material satisfy the demands that will be made in future too? Frenzelit therefore supplies you not only standardised but also specific solutions that are tailor-made precisely for your application and your individual needs.

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Typical Properties

HICOTEC ® products convince with their high consistency in area weight in longitudinal and transverse direction, a controllable orientation of the fibres towards anisotropic or isotropic materials with lowest area weights. These properties are characteristic of the material group of precision non-wovens. The variety of possible properties opens a wide range of achievable functions for your applications: High porosity - adaptable to your requirements Electrical conductivity - or would you prefer insulation? Additive incorporation - the choice is yours Impressive homogeneity Modulus of elasticity with controllable flexibility Ideal multi-component fibre blends Thin, uniform structures and low basis weight Thermoformability Absorbency Since the properties outlined above can be combined with almost no restrictions, HICOTEC ®is an excellent candidate for many different applications: electromagnetic shielding or damping, lightweight construction, wear protection layers, bearing and gasket materials or applications in the composite industry - (almost) anything is possible with HICOTEC ®!

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Development Partnership

Complete service: from research to series production. It is not enough for good ideas to be implementable; they need to be affordable too. We at Frenzelit therefore do everything in our power to make sure that you have not just your development project but also the costs of it under control from the very beginning. We support you right from the start, whatever HICOTEC ® application interests you and your team: from research and development to sample production and manufacturing. You benefit here, on the one hand, from our research laboratories, which are available to you for joint development projects. The specific configuration of our production facilities enables us to develop and produce samples of new high-performance materials both quickly and inexpensively, on the other hand - combined at the same time with high series reproducibility. We produce economically for you - whether you need a trial series, small batches or large volumes. And some more good news: HICOTEC ® materials are manufactured in reels. This guarantees not only consistently high, standardised quality but also economic production.

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HICOTEC ® CA Clean Air Technology- revolutionary solutions for environmentally sound results HICOTEC ® CA makes it possible to capture hydrocarbons highly spontaneously or to remove specific acid or alkaline substances from the environment thanks to its selective adsorption properties. Pleated media can be produced if the application requires this - due to the specific material composition. The combination of suitable bonding systems and low material densities leads to systems that optimise pressure loss - maximising efficiency as a result.

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HICOTEC ® NE New Energy - revolutionary solutions for energy generation and storage HICOTEC ® NE is exactly what is needed for use in current and future energy generation and storage technologies thanks to its specific material composition. Minimum basis weights combined at the same time with maximum material homogeneity in addition to apprpriate fibre orientation and conductivity: these factors are the same basis for achieving high energy density levels with smaller component sizes and low component weight.

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HICOTEC ® TP Thermal Power - revolutionary solutions for radiant heating. HICOTEC ® TP combines the electrical and thermal functions with the reinforcement properties of carbon fibres. Precisely variable surface resistance levels of 3 to 110 Ω/sqr, for electrical voltages of 4 to 400 V and electrical power of up to 0.8 W/cm² make it suitable for a large number of different applications in the industrial and privately used radiant heating field. Processing in plastic parts is an ideal way to integrate functions, for example. It frequently takes many years to find out what an idea is really worth. But sometimes it only takes a few seconds. Ultralight. Ultraflat. Tiny carbon fibres as conductors that concvert electricity into heat. Thousands of them in an extremely small place. The result:: Thermal Power - revolutionary solutions for radiant heating. For many different applications and industries.

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