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Gasket Materials for the Industry

novapress ®Photo_tlPhoto_br
novapress ®

novapress ® - elastomer bonded fibre gasket material. Rubber-bonded gasket materials made from aramid fibres and special fillers of the novapress® family are the standard in flat gasket applications. Tailor-made for the individual applications, they are in use world-wide.

novapress ® BASICPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novapress ® BASIC

The gasket material for all standard applications with medium pressure and - temperature. The starter material into the flat gasket market. This quality offers an extremely positive price-performance ratio which is unrivalled in its class

novapress ® UNIVERSALPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novapress ® UNIVERSAL

The all-round material which has set standards.novapress ® UNIVERSAL is suitable for all applications with increased temperature and pressure applications, even in gaseous and liquid media.

novapress ® FLEXIBLE/815Photo_tlPhoto_br
novapress ® FLEXIBLE/815

Unrivalled sealing properties. The gasket material for gases and oils at low temperatures. Even in "light" flange constructions this material composition has an outstanding permeability to gas.

novapress ® MULTI IIPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novapress ® MULTI II

"The steam gasket". Efficient due to the matrix from aramid and irregular surface bundles of graphite. Set standards as one of the first reliable gasket materials in steam applications after asbestos was banned. Continuous modifications and improvements have brought it "up-to-date".

novapress ® ACTIVPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novapress ® ACTIV

novapress ® ACTIV combines the proven benefits of an oil-resistant, hard core and very soft cover layers on both sides. The results are outstanding swelling properties in oil as well as excellent mechanical properties. Therefore novapress ® ACTIV is the perfect solution for transformer applications world-wide.

novatec ®Photo_tlPhoto_br
novatec ®

novatec ® - engineered graphite with Kevlar® The unique material combinations from graphite and Kevlar ®, tailor-made for the individual applications, show their profile especially in their outstanding media and temperature resistance. The performance clearly outstands fibre-reinforced, elastomer-bonded flat gasket material which enables world-wide longer maintenance intervals and product standardisations with a considerable cost-saving aspect included.

novatec ® PREMIUM XPPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novatec ® PREMIUM XP

novatec ® PREMIUM XP is the new and more efficient “Extended Performance” (XP) generation of graphite gaskets reinforced with aramid fibres that have been developed by Frenzelit. A considerable reduction in leakage and at the same time, excellent residual stress and chemical resistance levels are achieved thanks to careful graphite structural design and ingenious process engineering. With novatec ® PREMIUM XP it is possible to configure gasket systems in accordance with DIN EN 1591-1 with the sealing category L0.01 as outlined in VDI 2290. In this context, the unique combination of aramid fibres and graphite makes it possible to standardise gaskets far beyond the existing options with elastomer-bonded fibre gaskets for a wide range of different applications up to a maximum of 300°C.

novatec ® PREMIUM IIPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novatec ® PREMIUM II

novatec ® PREMIUM II is the "TA-Luft" tested gasket material for the general and chemical industry. Due to the combination of graphite, Kevlar ® and a low percentage of binder, the material has a very good temperature resistance and is resistant to 80% of all common media in the chemical industry. novatec ® PREMIUM II reduces maintenance inspections and offers highest value at lowest cost.

novatec ® SPECIALPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novatec ® SPECIAL

novatec ® SPECIAL is the "steam gasket material" from the engineered graphite with Kevlar ® family, with an extremely high adaptability. The material is reliable at temperatures up to 360°C and offers a very high long-term stability.

novatec ® HPNPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novatec ® HPN

The name novatec ® HPN stands for a NBR bonded beater material, HPN: High Pressure NBR. With a density of 1,50 g/cm³ the material guarantees a reliable performance in industrial and automotive applications.

novaphit ®Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaphit ®

novaphit ® - graphite gasket material The novaphit ® range materials can be found in applications where the highest safety aspect is combined with absolute application limits. The expanded metal made from 1.4404 (AISI 316 L) as used in novaphit ® SSTC, novaphit ® SSTCTA-L, and in the most innovative material in the range, novaphit ® MST, is superior to any common inserts from tanged- and flat metal in terms of recovery and its positive influence on leakage. The purity of the graphite used is at least 99%.

novaphit ® SSTCPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaphit ® SSTC

novaphit ® SSTC is a graphite gasket material with an insert from acid-proof stainless steel (1.4404, AISI 316 L) for highest pressure and temperature requirements. An excellent media resistance and the safety aspect even in applications with changing loads make the material superior. The expanded metal layer, due to its three-dimensional , non-intersecting geometry, is superior to standard graphite gaskets with tanged- and flat metal inserts, and shows its recovery properties in tongue and groove flange connections. Studies have proved that at a pressure of 40 MPa, the leakage is approx. 50% lower than for tanged metal gaskets. The graphite used in novaphit ®SSTC has a purity of at least 99% and proves its quality especially with its outstanding loss on ignition and oxidation values.

novaphit ® SSTC TA-LPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaphit ® SSTC TA-L

novaphit ® SSTCTA-L is a composite gasket material made from multi-layers of expanded graphite with a purity of at least 99% and a layer of expanded metal from acid-proof chrome-nickel steel (1.4404, AISI 316 L). novaphit ® SSTCTA-L has been certified by the independent company AMTEC. The result: Classified as a high quality sealing system according to the test criteria VDI 2440 and TA Luft. novaphit ® SSTCTA-L meets the TA Luft criteria easily with a measured helium leakage rate of 8·10-5 mbar·l/(s·m).

novaphit ® MSTPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaphit ® MST

novaphit ® MST is the gasket material with the most optimised pressure-temperature-ratio presently known on the market. Thanks to the multi-layered construction from a combination of graphite foils, expanded and smooth metal inserts (up to eight graphite layers and seven inserts) this material can reach highest thermal and mechanical properties as well as lowest leakage rates. The expanded graphite of a purity of at least 99.5 % offers an excellent resistance to oxidation and thus can be used for high temperatures of up to 550 degrC. The acid-proof stainless steel inserts made from AISI 316L / 1.4404 complete the complex material design and make the installation at extremely high surface pressures possible. The application at internal pressure ranges of up to 250 bar can be recommended without hesitation. Furthermore the novaphit ® MST fulfils the strictest requirements with regard to prevent fugitive emissions and is classified as a high quality sealing system according to the test criteria of TA Luft. Approvals for the application with oxygen and “Fire-Safe” tests predestine the novaphit ® MST as all-purpose product in all areas of process industry. As well thenovaphit ® MST complies to nuclear power specifications. The simple processing with cutting tools or manual finishing characterises this material for an economic utilisation.

novaphit ® SSTC TRD 401Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaphit ® SSTC TRD 401

novaphit ® SSTCTRD 401 – the efficient solution for oval closures. Excellent adaptability combined with good recovery properties make this material a standard for man- and handhole gasket for steam boilers. It is tested acc. to the technical regulations for steam boilers TRD 401 class d with approval for a temperature up to 250°C and a pressure of 40 bar.

novaphit ® EXTRAPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaphit ® EXTRA

Gasket material made of expanded graphite (purity 99% min.) with stainless steel wire mesh reinforcement (material no. 1.4301/AISI 304).

novaphit ® VSPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaphit ® VS

novaphit ® VS is a graphite gasket material without any metal reinforcement with a purity degree of at least 99%. Extreme thermal and mechanical requirements as well as changing loads provide no problem for this gasket material.

novaflon ®Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaflon ®

novaflon ® - PTFE gasket material novaflon ® novaflon ® is the family name of Frenzelit´s latest product range based on modified and multi-directional expanded PTFE materials. Its improved performance compared to conventional PTFE and its superior chemical resistance completes our range of products. The novaflon ® product family members have received multiple approvals and meet or exceed the strictest European fugitive emissions standards. Frenzelit's novaflon ® products are predestined for use in the chemical industry, the food and beverage industry as well as in the pharmaceutical business sector.

novaflon ® 100Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaflon ® 100

Modified high performance PTFE material, filled with hollowglass microspheres.

novaflon ® 200Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaflon ® 200

Modified high performance PTFE material, filled with barium sulphate.

novaflon ® 300Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaflon ® 300

Modified high performance PTFE material, filled with silica.

novaflon ® 500Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaflon ® 500

Multi-directional expaned PTFE material.

novaMICA ® THERMEXPhoto_tlPhoto_br

novaMICA ® THERMEX - mica-based gasket material for high temperatures applications. novaMICA ® THERMEX is the brand-new gasket material with extremely high temperature stability. It is based on processed phlogopite mica and thus resists to continuous temperatures of up to 1000 degrC. Thanks to expanded metal insertion from stainless steel (AISI 316L/ 1.4404) thenovaMICA ® THERMEX offers excellent handling and processing characteristics. The combination of expanded metal insert, high-quality phlogopite mica and an optimised low proportion of binder ensures a so far unknown high and long-term sealability of mica gaskets even under high temperatures. novaMICA ® THERMEX is predestined to meet all sealing requirements in hot exhaust systems and in all applications where continuous temperatures of up to 1000 degrC are to withstand.

novaform ® 2300Photo_tlPhoto_br
novaform ® 2300

novaform ® 2300 - fibre reinforced rubber gasket material. novaform ® 2300 is based on an ingenious raw material blend of high-quality aramid fibres, special functional fillers and synthetic NBR. The new material combines the characteristics of fibre gaskets with the positive properties of elastomers, thus making it possible to produce a unique performance profile.

novaform ® SKPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaform ® SK

novaform ® SK - gasket material for exhaust applications. The high pressure gasket material for extreme mechanical applications, such as in exhaust pipes or exhaust turbochargers. The matrix from aramid fibres, NBR binder and special agents is reinforced with a galvanised steel wire insert made from a zig-zag construction (1.0314).

Insulation BoardsPhoto_tlPhoto_br
Insulation Boards

Insulation Boards The very high temperature limits and the low heat conductivity values determine the manifold applications of isoplan ® as an insulation material.

isoplan ® 750Photo_tlPhoto_br
isoplan ® 750

isoplan ® 750 is an insulation material based on special mineral fibres which can be used up to 750°C. The material is characterised by a good heat conductivity value.

isoplan ® 1000Photo_tlPhoto_br
isoplan ® 1000

isoplan ® 1000 is a high-temperature resistant insulation material based on special biodegradable mineral fibres with an application temperature of up to 1000°C. An additional advantage of the material is its very low heat conductivity value.

isoplan ® 1100Photo_tlPhoto_br
isoplan ® 1100

isoplan ® 1100 is an insulation material based on special ceramic fibres which can be used up to 1100°C. The material is caracterised by a very low heat conductivity value

isoplan ® LOW EMISSION 

isoplan ® LOW EMISSION is a high-temperature resistant insulation material based on biodegradable mineral fibres. Due to an extremely low content of organic components, the material will release hardly any hazardous substances when heated up for the first time. The material has a very low heat conductivity and is ideally suited for applications starting from room temperature up to 1000°C.

Special Qualities for Roller Applications in Stainless Steel Plants

Special Qualities for Roller Applications in Stainless Steel Plants The very high temperature limits and the low heat conductivity values determine the manifold applications of isoplan ® as an insulation material. Qualities especially developed for roller applications in the stainless steel industry are operating sucessfully world-wide at temperatures up to 1250°C.

isoplan ® SR 03074Photo_tlPhoto_br
isoplan ® SR 03074

isoplan ® SR 03074 is a high-temperature resistant material based on ceramic fibers and high temperature resistant fillers, especially developed for applications as steel rollers in hot and cold rolling mills.

isoplan ® SR 03150Photo_tlPhoto_br
isoplan ® SR 03150

isoplan ® SR 03150 is a high-temperature resistant material based on special shotfree ceramic fibres and high-temperature resistant fillers. isoplan ® SR 03150 is used in stainless steel plants where high end finish stainless steel is produced.

isoplan ® VARIOPhoto_tlPhoto_br
isoplan ® VARIO

isoplan ® VARIO is a high-temperature material based on ceramic fibres, high-temperature resistant fillers with very good mechanical properties and low heat conductivity values.

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