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Boiler rings

Boiler rings

Hand-, head- and manhole seals in round and ovl shape for boilers and tanks - tested and approved acc. to TRD 401.

novaSEAL ® OV Boiler ringsPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaSEAL ® OV Boiler rings

novaSEAL ® OV Boiler rings Properties A special high-strength carrier fabric is coated with natural rubber and rolled to endless rings. The rubber components of the sealing ring lose their elasticity at a temperature of 90°C. After vulcanisation of the rubber the final compression strength of the seal is reached. Due to the setting behaviour the sealing ring will also adapt to uneven sealing surfaces. The rings are graphited on the outside. Approval Type-test approval acc. to TÜV TRD 401,class c. Application Hand-, head- and manhole seals for boilers and tanks in round and oval shape.

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novaSEAL ® HP Boiler rings

novaSEAL ® HP Boiler rings Properties novaSEAL ® HP is the result of a strategic optimisation of our well-known novaSEAL ® OV rings. The base fabric has been newly developed with outstanding strength values and an excellent media resitance as well. novaSEAL ® HP is approved to test category d and can be used without any restrictions up to 250 °C and 40 bar pressure levels. Approval Type-test approval acc. To TÜV TRD 401, class d. Application Hand-, head- and manhole seals for boilers and tanks in oval shape.

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