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Soft Gaskets

Gaskets from non asbestos soft gasket material Frenzelit offers a big variety of different soft gaskets for applications in engine construction (gearbox, oil sump, axles, cooling system, intake manifold ) and for aggregates (lid gaskets, compressors, valves, pumps etc.).

Non asbestos soft gaskets

novaform ® 216

Gasket material for oil, fuels, water with increased tensile strength, typical application: transmission

novaform ® 231

High oil resistance combined with a low creep behaviour in increased temperature and pressure conditions

novaform ® 429

Compound material with a hard, oil resistant core together with a soft, controlled oil-swelling elastomer coating on both sides

novaform ® 740

Very good mechanical properties combined with a reduced setting behaviour in increased temperature and pressure conditions

novaform ® 770

Best mechanical properties

novaform ® SK

Exhaust gasket with a galvanised steel wire insert made from a zig-zag construction (1.0314)

Engineered Graphite with Kevlar ®

novatec ® HPN

Typical applications: oil filter, thermostat casing, intake pipe, differential

32 HPN_e.pdf
novatec ® 825F

Drive shaft gasket

Graphite Gaskets

novaphit ® SSTC

Pure graphite gasket made from 98% graphite and in insert of expanded metal from 1.4404

novaform ® GBPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaform ® GB

Metal bead gaskets become more and more important as secondary gaskets in engine construction and for compressors. Frenzelit is specialised in the manufacturing of "tailor-made" gaskets. With state-or-art technical systems at hand, e.g. various CAD systems, the required products can be adjusted to the exact requirements of the applications in question. Prototypes for testing purposes are manufactured in small lots and at short notice.The right choice of material combined with a long-standing experience in application engineering guarantees that the joint is permanently tight even with extremely low bolt loads or unfavourable geometries, and even under the most difficult thermal and mechanical conditions. When designing the metal bead gasket for a concrete application, Frenzelit´s R&D specialists have the choice between various materials to be used. (tabela obok nr 1)

34 Prospekt novaform GB_e.pdf
novaform ® FSDPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaform ® FSD

novaform ® FSD is the name for Frenzelit´s range of silk screen gaskets. They are mainly used for applications where with low bolt pressures a reduction of surface leakage is required. A sealing outline or coating with a thickness of 10µm to 500µm is applied on the component to be printed. It can be either a cut gasket made from a soft material, or from metal or complete components. The design of the outline is either full flat e.g. when applying layers of adhesive, or only partial, to create a line compression (see Fuji picture). This provides the opportunity to optimise the surface pressure in case of low bolt forces. The height of silk screening can be varied even within the outline itself. The silk screening compounds used by Frenzelit are determined through the relevant application, their technical values as well as colours can be modified on request. A selection of basic formulas with their technical properties (tabela 2) Advantages: Reduction of surface leakage even with low bolt forces Optimised surface pressure for not plane-parallel components Componets have integrated sealing properties Fast and safe installation

35 novaform_FSD_e.pdf
novaform ® FDVPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaform ® FDV

Gasket systems with the name „novaform ® FDV“ are made with dispenser technology. The dispenser creates an elastomeric bead in a defined position (see photo). The difference to the already known FIPG- or CIPG- is the precisely applied sealing outline.The dispenser creates a sealing outline similar to an “O”-ring. The bead either consists of a silicone which cures without producing corrosive fluids, or of a fluorine silicone for higher temperature applications (up to 200°C), which is applied into a defined groove. Apart from the classical application as gasket in contact arrangement, the bead can also be applied on components without groove or step. Applications: Oil sump Valve cover Air intake pipe Pumps Gear- and hydraulic components Compressors, turbines Different types of secondary gaskets in engine construction

36 novaform_FDV_e.pdf
novaform ® ASPhoto_tlPhoto_br
novaform ® AS

novaform ® AS are additives, which are for example, materials and "specialities" developed by Frenzelit´s Gasket Division. Tailor-made solutions for sealing- and related applications are created in Frenzelit´s R&D department.

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